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Smart Authentication Limited

 Founded in 2020

SAL was formed to address the ever-increasing pressure and consequential losses to our economy by illegal enterprises using sophisticated techniques to steal identities, counterfeit banknotes and consumer goods.


SAL came about as the result of a world leader in banknote production seeking an advanced solution to counterfeiting. The creator of the SAL initiative is recognised as a global authority on encryption. The end result has applications beyond currency authentication and can be applied to everything from passports and ID documents to perfumes, fine art and legal documents.


A unique solution employing state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, yet easily accessible via the inbuilt camera on a mobile phone and an app, it requires no dedicated scanning technology and is available to every end user.

Our vision

To give everybody the means to identify the genuine article from a copy, whether it be a banknote, a luxury handbag or watch. To ensure sensitive legal documents remain as they were intended. And to reduce the impact on our economy, protect manufacturers and jobs. 

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