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Introducing our law firm

From national security and identity theft to counterfeit banknotes and pharmaceutical products, authentication integrity has never been more important

Smart Authentication

The true cost of counterfeiting is running at EUR 60 billion per year across 13 key economic sectors vulnerable to IPR infringements. 

434,000 jobs are also directly lost in these sectors. Estimates suggest that due to the presence of counterfeiting, the 13 sectors lose 8.1% of direct sales annually in the UK. This is equivalent to approximately EUR 9.2 billion (GBP 6.7 billion) - or EUR 141 (GBP 103) per UK inhabitant per year.

Smart Authentication (SAL) encompasses a unique authentication  non-counterfeitable verification system designed by one of the world's leading cryptographers.

Accessible by a smartphone with no need for an app, it operates across all platforms to offer end-to-end unhackable encryption, with no dedicated specialised scanning equipment necessary.

Source: Global Legal Post (2019)

The sectors we work with



SAL can act as the key component on any identity document, from passports to ID cards and passes. Simple to access via a mobile phone - no dedicated scanning equipment required.



SAL can provide the authentication for all pharmaceutical products establishing provenance. Any changes, alterations or iterations made or attempted will be evidenced.


Luxury items

From expensive perfumes and fashion accessories to fine art and wines, SAL can provide the authentication to differentiate between the genuine article and a copy.



Discreetly embedded within banknotes, SAL negates the need for expensive scanning equipment, meaning the end user has the power to validate the note's authenticity at their fingertips.

Meet the team


Andrew Fulton

A former member of HM Diplomatic Service with postings in Saigon, East Berlin, Oslo, Washington DC.

Colin Dobson

Colin Dobson

Experienced in the security field both in the UK and overseas under the auspices of HMG.

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Edmund May  
Managing Director

Over 25 years global experience in IT & telco industries with a focus on bespoke software development & AI.


Roy Warman  
Marketing Director

Former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide with wide-reaching experience in advertising and marketing. 


Professor Jon Blackledge 
Technical Director

One of the world's leading cryptographers, focusing on post-quantum information, communications security and biosecurity.


Neil Corbett  

Extensive experience in corporate financial services and transitional business sectors. 

The impact on Europe

In 2019, OECD updated its 2016 research into the impact of counterfeiting across Europe. In 2016, forgone tax revenues from the retail and wholesale sector amounted to GBP 3.1 billion. That same year, forgone tax revenue from UK right holders to the UK government amounted to GBP 0.9 billion. That has increased substantially altogether, as trade in counterfeit and pirated goods resulted in a reduction in UK public revenues equal to almost GBP 4 billion (GBP 3.8 billion in 2013), the equivalent of 0.6% of the taxes collected on value added, personal and corporate incomes, and social security contributions.

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